Milan buncick

Milan Buncick

Dr. Milan Buncick is the Chief Scientist for the Nanophotonics group and oversees the technological development and management for multiple contracts.  As a Program Manager for Nanogenesis, Dr. Buncick is responsible for Weapon Science MEMS R&D tasks as well as several Phase I and Phase II SBIR Programs.  He has been  instrumental in the development and execution of AEgis’ MEMS device R&D and nanophotonics for the Army at Weapon Sciences Directorate as well as contributing  to the gyroscope / inertial measurement unit (IMU) development work for the Navy's Precision Strike Navigator program.  Dr. Buncick has more than 20 years of experience in areas such as UHV vacuum systems, clean rooms, optical and electron beam lithography, thin film process and deposition, etching, and spectroscopy.

At the University of Memphis, Dr. Buncick was an Assistant Professor in the Physics Department and performed a significant amount of consulting and contract work evaluating polymers, designing optic sensors, and developing coatings and specialized materials. During his tenure at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Buncick was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Materials Science.  He was responsible for the evaluation of polymers for use in multi-chip modules, polyimides for use in high-speed electronics, polymers for automotive electronics applications and the development of plasma processes for oxygen barrier in food containers.

He has a teenage son, enjoys woodworking, and loves to go hiking and camping with his dogs.

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